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2005年04月29日 金曜日

Always Start with Scissors

by Justin Hall

Art, Humor

Few things seem to be so international as the game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Usually reserved for killing time or settling local disputes in physical games, a Japan-based businessman pushed the game to an international stage by asking the two premier auction...

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2003年11月19日 水曜日

Lost In Translation: The Bill Phone

by Justin Hall


On a recent mobile research trip to Korea, I had the chance to skin my mobile phone with any digital image. The choice was obvious. I got a picture of Bill Murray, with his sardonic puppydog gaze, hairdried onto my...

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2003年09月21日 日曜日

Nothing Lost in Translation

by Jane Pinckard

Art, Expats in Japan

Sofia Coppola's dreamy, gorgeous new film is a lovely postcard from Tokyo. It moves with gentle wonder through a softly glowing city and its frenetic, incomprehensible inhabitants to detail a character sketch of a place, all faint outlines and...

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