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2005年10月11日 火曜日

Anime and Learning Japanese Culture

by Mizuko Ito

Features, Japan Abroad, Language, Movies, Television

In her master's thesis submitted to the East Asian Studies Center at USC, Annie Manion argues that among college students in the US, anime has become one of the most important drivers of interest in Japan and Japanese language study....

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2005年04月13日 水曜日

The Narutrix Re-Ninja'd

by Mizuko Ito

Humor, Movies, Television

The Matrix continues to be great fodder for transnational cultural ping-pong. While the Matrix creators acknowledge their debts to Japanese anime culture with Animatrix, Japanese fans re-domesticate the Matrix again with Matrix re-enactments. Now, UK anime fandom has brought...

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2005年03月31日 木曜日

Samurai Champloo

by Mizuko Ito


The students in my Japanese Popular Culture class are trying to keep me up to date. My latest find, courtesy of Brendan Callum, is サムライチャンプルー. I know it is not exactly news to fans of Cowboy Bebop, but I...

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2004年12月29日 水曜日

Signs of .hack

by Justin Hall

Features, Movies, Television

Mike Dillon examines .hack//SIGN, an anime miniseries that aired in Japan between 2002-03, directed by Mashimo Koichi and written by Ito Kazunori and Omoda Akemi. What follows is an analysis of the cyberpunk themes explored within its story, and a...

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