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Japanese Translators' Web

by Justin Hall

Japan Abroad

John De Hoog has posted a Guide to Professional Translation. He works between Japanese and English, though this guide doesn't directly refer to those languages.

He does however link to the Honyaku home page, the hub for a long-time mailing list for Japanese-English translators. The archives run back to 1994 and there's a search engine (!) provided. Looks like an invaluable resource for people who make a living facilitating cross-culture communication.

Posted by Justin Hall at 2003年08月07日 00:12

1- Peter

John's page has been up for years and is a nice introduction to translation as a career. I also recommend Bill Lise's page at
if you're interested in seeing lots more information on the translation industry and the big bucks (!) to be earned therein.

2- Martyn

This is a great page for machine translation. It covers a great many languages in an easy to use format:

<A href="http://homepage2.nifty.com/m_kamada/l_translation.htm">http://homepage2.nifty.com/m_kamada/l_translation.htm</a>

How does one contact John re: his services and rates? Maybe I missed it on the site...

I'm not sure how to contact him - but I've found there are scores of Chanpon people who can serve as translators. I run into them without looking - people between cultures who casually translate menus or song titles for friends and might be eager to make a buck on the side to translate an essay or pamphlet - especially the young ones. I suppose if it's a terrifically formal thing, it's hard to certify quality if you hire just anyone. Hmmm.

5- Durf

Howard: Mr. de Hoog is expensive and specializes in telecoms translation. If that's the area you've got work in I can help get you in touch with him, but I'll tell you in advance he's a busy man with the ability to pick and choose assignments at his discretion. Top translators are tricky like that. :)

You can fill in a form at the Honyaku site linked above if you're looking for translation services, J-E or E-J. You can also head to the <a href="http://www.jat.org/">JAT site</a> and check the open directory there for people who specialize in the area in which you need work done.

Another good site with info on entering the industry is <a href="http://gally.net/">Tom Gally's page</a>. There's a great page full of mesages from translators describing how they got into the game and what they enjoy about it.

As far as "certifying quality," that's just not something that gets done, really. There are university programs and language schools out there that will "teach you translation," but in the end getting a job depends on (a) whether you can do the work and (b) whether someone is willing to pay you for it. Are those two conditions met? Bang, you're a professional translator. I've never met a client who was interested in seeing degrees or certificates, with the exception of some government agencies. Most people are just interested in finding someone who can do the work well (or cheaply, or quickly).

6- Kari Zeeman

Hello, my name is Kari Zeeman. I am currently seeking editing opportunities for translating companies such as yours. I have included my resume for your review. I would appreciate your consideration for any openings you may have now or in the future.

Thank You Kari S. Zeeman

Kari Stout Zeeman
2502 Rustic Roads Drive
South Jordan UT 84095
Permanant Phone: 801-254-1527
Fax: 888-870-5842
email: karizeeman@yahoo.com

Highlights of Qualification

Educated in business grammar and medical terminology during college, receiving all A’s in these courses
Recently edited for a Japanese translator.

Experienced in proof reading published books

Computer Skills: Competent in Win 95 and Win 98. Familiar with Word Perfect, Microsoft word processing programs, Netscape Composer, Acrobat Reader as well as many other computer software programs


Medical Receptionist major, Utah State College, Provo Utah

Studied private Voice with Ruth Melville, RuthAnn McCoombs, Lori Stark, and Nanette Garrett

Work Experience

2002- Accurate Alterations owner operator business

-Seamstress, alterations

2001- Utah Opera Productions

-Seamstress, costume rental and maintainance

1998-2000 Free-lance editor, for Koji Hirose

-Correct mistakes made in translations i.e.: grammar, word choice, and sentence structure

1997-2000 Internet Content Researcher, Surfwatch (Parental Control Software)

- Searched the Internet for unsavory sites and sent them to Surfwatch to be filtered in their client software

1990-1994 Owner/Operator, Paradise Vending

-Solicited businesses to place vending machines in their break rooms and filled them with goods

-Organized the books, delivered the merchandise, handled accounts receivable

1990-1993 Private Vocal Teacher, Kari S. Zeeman Vocal Studio

-Taught individual students the art of singing through technique, expression and passion

1972-1973 Aligner, Signetics

-Fabricated Solid State circuits by aligning a pattern onto a wafer and many other processes

-Some of this work was used for NASA

1969-1970 Corsage and Buttoneer designer/helper Jeppesen Floral Provo,UT


-Midvale Community Theatre production of Oklahoma 2003 actor/singer and head seamstress

-Sandy Community Theater performances Cinderella 2001actor/singer

-Chairman of the Arts Council, South Jordan City

-Organized a Symphony, Adult Chorus, Children’s Chorus and the beginnings of a Theater Troupe

-Planned community events such as Christmas festivals, Dance Review, Art Exhibits and Literature Contests

-Programmed performances for South Jordan Town Days. Program included orchestra, ballet, chorus, cloggers

-Also invited various local celebrity talent including weatherman Dan Pope from channel 5 NBC and 1992 Olympics Archer Denise Parker to MC for the festival

Chorus Member, America West Symphony Chorus

-Have sung in the chorus on and off for nine years performing major choral works in many languages such as:

Rutter Requiem, Mozart Requiem, Verdi Requiem, Dvorak TeDeum, Gershwin Porgy and Bess,

Verdi Nebucco

-Went on tour with the choir to Hawaii Spring of 1999 and performed with the Honolulu Symphony

Chairman of Reflections - A Public School Arts Competition, Jordan School District

-Judged original music compositions by grade school age students

-In charge of lining up judges for other categories: literature, photography, music and art

Leader/Teacher, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

-Taught classes to women and children dealing with religious topics

-Directed adult, women, youth and children choirs. Organized several performances throughout the year

-Arranged music for these choirs

Music Director for the musical “Scrooge”.

Composed music for a church road show - was given an award for originality

Was an agent for a Barbershop quartet performances
Been a member of both Mormon Youth Chorus and Mountain West Chorale
Been in many plays with leading roles, sung as a soloist in the Messiah and other works

A Self Taught Comedic writer for family and community social events

Was one of 6 mothers in a preschool co-op for many years

Thank you for having a John De Hoog page introduced. It was a very interesting site. I can see and study the site.

I need a haiku translated into japanese, with correct ideographs.. its only 12 words, (17 syllables, 3 lines)and I wrote it for my lady friend... I know... very silly, but I would like to have it made into a framed piece with the japaness ideographs prominent and the english version in small print at the bottom.. any ideas who would help out a silly romantic with zero language skills?

9- Dan Castellano

The IJET-15 Conference on J/E Translation will be held on May 22nd and 23rd (Saturday - Sunday), 2004, at the Pacifico Yokohama, in the Minato Mirai 21 area of Yokohama.

The registration fee for IJET-15 is 25,000 yen (or US$250 if paying on-line) for JAT members, and 30,000 yen (US$300 if paying on-line) for non-members. This fee includes a banquet dinner on Saturday evening.

This year’s program will include a panel discussion on “The Translator as an Entrepreneur,” along with a total of 17 individual presentations on a wide range of topics.

For further details on the program, as well as access, lodging, and other helpful information, please refer to the IJET-15 website at:

We look forward to seeing you there.

Dan Castellano
IJET-15 Committee (Promotions)

10- Ercan Yaman

hallo i bought captain tsubasa manga world youth and road to 2002 complete volumes but its all written in japanese.can you please translate it into english for me?

bu yaptığın ayıp olm sen çewir onu ingilizceye ben de çewrilmişi war

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