Privacy is committed to the privacy of our participants. Our privacy policy is summarized below:
  • We do not monitor, track, or record user actions for the purposes of obtaining profiles of individual users
  • We do not sell lists of our members and visitors to third parties.
  • We will not use the information posted to our members-only site for any other purposes without the consent of the person who posted that information.
Membership Information

When registering as a member on the site, you will be asked for personal information such as your name and address, and you will be asked to fill out a survey. This information is transmitted via secure forms, and will be kept confidential. We do feel that is important that members know who is out there reading their posts, so we make a list of member names available on the members-only site. The posting of contact information and profiles is optional.

The survey information and any usage statistics we gather are used to improve the site. This kind of information may be made available in anonymized form in member newsletters, meetings, and on the site.

When making your donation to, you will be given the choice of whether we should list you as a donor in our public materials.

Members-Only Discussion Groups Postings and Participation:

The Members-only discussions on is "closed" in the sense that that site is only accessible to registered members. We ask that you use discretion when sharing information with people outside the community. While it is expected that you might discuss the content of the members-only site with other friends and family, it would not be appropriate for you to take site content and email it out or post to other mailing lists or discussion groups. Nor would it be appropriate to publish the contents of the site in any way without members' permission. If you have any questions about sharing the information on the site, please contact

We cannot guarantee that the content posted in the members-only discussions will not migrate outside of the site. As with any online communication, our site is prone to snoopers and hackers. In addition, you should expect that members would share, to some degree, the information that they gain on this site with others that are not necessarily part of  For this reason, you should consider anything you post here potentially "public" and use discretion when posting personal information.

If we want to use the content of your post in any publications or on the public web site, we will contact you first. Any research conducted on online actions or usage will be disclosed to the entire community.

Ultimately, the safety of the site relies on the trust between members. We encourage people to participate in good faith. The community steering committee is available as a last resort to mediate disputes and in the worst case, exclude people from participation.

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