We do not have any set exclusionary criteria for membership, though our hope is that all members have had experience with or a strong interest in Japanese culture and at least one other culture. While not every member needs to be fully conversant in Japanese and English, or to have lived extensively in more than one country, the core identity of the community is a chanpon one, and we ask all members to respect cultural difference and mixture.  

This chanpon identity is not necessarily one of 'bridging' two cultures or learning to 'tolerate' cultural difference. Rather, the identity is in the blend, the ability to hold very different things together in the same space, and to celebrate that space. Often those with chanpon identities feel 'imperfect' in the context of dominant cultures. Our hope is that will provide a space where that blended identity is itself celebrated and considered a whole identity.  

Becoming a Member

Prospective members must register on the site. We ask for some personal information such as email address, and snail mail address to verify identity. We also ask prospective members to provide us with a case for why they are interested in joining All members are also encouraged to make a donation to to support the site.  

Membership Benefits:

  • Access to member discussion groups and chat.
  • Periodic email updates with highlights from the site.
  • A vote in decision making and governance regarding the site.
  • Invitations to chanpon related events  

We expect that these guidelines will be subject to change as the site evolves. We will keep members' information, such as addresses and billing information, private.  

Membership inquiries should be directed to