Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  How do I get my user ID and password?

To get an ID and password for the discussion area, you need to register.

Q:  What do I do if I forget my password?

Send email from your registered email address to with your name and ID.

Q:  How can I contribute to 

The success of depends on member participation and contributions. Your active participation in the community is our greatest asset.If you are interesting in volunteering or submitting any of your work for our site, please get in touch with us at

You can contribute financially the next time you buy a book by following a link in the buy books section of our site to an online bookseller who will provide a referral fee to You will be charged the same amount as you normally would. You can make donations directly to by going to Make a Donation. Please go to Make a Donation for instructions.

Q: I can't get to the registration area.

Our members area requires 128-bit connection security. If you are using the Internet Explorer, please click the 'Help' menu and then click 'About Internet Explorer' to determine what strength security you have installed.  If "cipher strength" indicates less than 128-bit, please click 'Update Information.'

Q: I see gibberish on my screen?  Or  How do I use Japanese fonts in the discussion areas?

1) If you have a Japanese system installed:
For Netscape, go to character set in the View menu and change to Japanese (auto-detect). Then refresh your browser. If it doesn't work, try another Japanese character set and refresh your browser. There might be difficulty in using Netscape on a Mac. For Macs, Internet Explorer (IE) seems to have a fewer problems than Netscape. For IE, choose a Japanese character set from character set in the View menu as well, and refresh IE. You may need to try a few different things to get the right character set.

2) If the above option is not available, downloading Microsoft's Global IME: 
( or installing Apple's Japanese Language Kit ( details: is an option. 

3) If you are not ready to download anything, try using mediators like Shoudouka ( or Monash Univeristy ACCESS-J Japanese WWW Page Viewer (  Copy the Chanpon Caucus URL from the browser, then go to  either sites, and paste the URL into the box and go.  It does not allow you to write Japanese, but it will allow you to read the text. 

Q.  How do I get help? 

You should contact  or anyone in the community for help. You can also look in the discussions in the Information conference and the Welcome conference under the item: 'Town Hall' for discussions about policy, membership, and site design. Post questions in "Help and Feedback."  Contact  for membership questions. 

Please Give Us Feedback 

We welcome any and all feedback. Post to the Town Hall discussion group or email us at